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What is Unity Linux

Unity Linux is a very small distribution, all things considered, if you even want to call it that. Unity Linux consists of tools to learn about and create your very own Linux distribution, based on Fedora.

What's the Purpose

Unity Linux itself is not meant to be ran as a full on Linux install, though it can be, it has a very select set of packages and tools for one general purpose and that is to build other packages. These select packages that Unity includes are tools while core packages are based on Fedora. Unity Linux's tools can be shared with Fedora and then utilized by other distribution projects that wish to use Fedora as a base. So in essence if Unity Linux was to be compared to a physical tree, it would be a trunk that facilitates growth out to the branches, or rather any home based community projects (if any) based on Fedora.


Currently Unity Linux is in it's very early stages. We have ported tools that we used in the past (on Unity Linux itself and past projects) to Fedora. At this point we do offer development ISOs that can be ran “live”, but that are still very experimental.

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