Yes.. a post, a ISO

Hey Mageia 7 (current cauldron) is coming along nicely.. and because it's becoming rather decent our build system has actually started creating ISOs that work. So for this occasion I have created a new directory for lxqt snapshots:

In this directory you will find an ISO that I have tested. By "tested" I mean on Linux KVM, VirtualBox and my old Dell XPS M1210. It will install the ISO to a harddrive, and it will boot what you installed (hopefully). The ISO comes preinstalled with:

  • lxqt (version 0.12.0)
  • Falkon (a web browser)
  • PCManFM QT (a FileManager)
  • QTerminal
  • DNFDragora (dnf GUI frontend)
  • dnf
  • Kernel 4.16 Linus

If you haven't noticed it's pretty basic, and it is using Fedora tools, yes Fedora tools on Mageia. In the next coming weeks let's see what other stuff may pop up!

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Published on  July 29th, 2017