Simple news update

Hello all who are interested. Work has progressed at a slow but some what fulfilling pace. I have been able to build and compile various base packages. Enough base packages have been built now that I can create a chrooted enviroment with these packages to build more packages. Building in a chroot allows me to build musl-libc based packages on machines that are running glibc, like my CentOS 7 build server. 

At this point in the game my focus is now shifting to a bootable format. Which means init generation and decisions about what ramdisk system to use etc.. along with some kernel development. Initially I will be using syslinux (extlinux) as a boot manager and we will go from there and see where things take us.

Work is (almost) constantly being done in git. Very simple scripts have been added in seed to help build a chroot (or build) enviroment, they are no where close to being finished, but do make my life easier. Package spec files are coming along as well, dependancy and requires are being figured out and added. Documention (ie man pages) are not being included in any package at this point but will be added as sub packages in the near future. For right now only 64bit is our focus, but with the number of EeePCs I still have laying around you better believe we will have a 32bit version as well.

For me I have seen some major progress in the last week or so, I would like to have seen a lot more. To many of you, there most likely hasn't been much. If you want a sense of progress please check git from time to time, or just ask on the IRC channel. Thanks

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Published on  July 29th, 2017