Quick Update on Hosting Status

Hello all!

               Looks like it's an early Christmas for Unity Linux. I decided to try Digital Ocean out for hosting and was impressed with their interface and ease of use.. Along with their use of KVM. I created a simple CentOS machine and copied over (this site) to it and all worked wonderfully. So in talking with Son_Goku on chat it was mentioned that they are pretty cool with OpenSource projects like ours. So I decided to take a chance, email them about our little project,  and ask for help with hosting. We were on the $5 a month plan, which is great for hosting a normal site and still pretty impressive however, I wanted to do some package building etc.. much to my surprise they actually came back with giving us a better machine and at least 6 months of sponsorship! How awesome!  So Thank you Digital Ocean and Merry Christmas.

I hope everyone of you have a great Holiday as well!

Kind regards,


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Published on  July 29th, 2017