Just wanted to give a quick update unless you haven't been watching Unity-Linux on github we now have over 110 x86_64 packages that have been built. I have about 20-30 more to build before I can incorporate my plans for a package manager and see if the particular one I have in mind will work with rpm5, that might be a task in itself. I'm keeping mum about it until I know it will work, but unlike dnf the text based frontend won't depend on SystemD. When I get it working there will be a full story on it. I would also like to build eudev and maybe even dracut. A few days ago I finished off mkisofs so I am tempted to build an ISO, but my goal is to have a package manager, dracut, eudev and createrepo provided. In the mean time I am pulling in a ton of dependencies including X11 libs and protos. This is mildly frustrating, because there's a lot and it's tedious, but in the long run it's less I have to do when it comes time to build Xorg. My goal is to keep Unity-Linux proper under 300 packages. Crazy you may say, because everyone one will want to run xyz.. My goal for Unity-Linux is to have it be a stable, flexible and small base, not a desktop distribution, however it can and will provide the base for Synergy Linux, which will be your standard (as much as a desktop distribution based on musl and rpm5 can be) desktop based distribution. Right now there's a long way to go however, at some point I will need to go multi-lib when I start building for x86, then there's my distant future plans of an Arm port. So we are gettinthere just slowly a chip at a time.

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Published on  July 29th, 2017