Our Status going into November


Its been a fairly productive month of October. We finally have Xorg working with twm. You can download a mini iso and test it simply by logging in as root and running setup-xorg-base. You will have a black desktop and if you left click on it a menu will appear with the option to manipulate the windows, exit back to the terminal, or run the only application installed called mrxvt. Mrxvt is a tabbed terminal for X so nothing special there.

There has been a new folder in git created called graphical. It's a little misleading as none of the programs are really graphical, but they are being kept separate from the base packages as they are needed to run a graphical environment, but not necessarily needed to run the base command line Unity.

In actuality a majority of the core or base of Unity Linux has been packaged. Unity proper will be a command line based release. It will not include Xorg or Window environment by default. What it will include will be easy setup tools and scripts to get from command line to a graphical (Xorg, Wayland even frame buffer) remaster or even branch.

A branch is a Unity community member or members that create not just a remaster, but using Unity as a base, a seperate version of Unity contributing back packages into a contributions repository for review.

So what am I still doing packaging and not bug fixing? When Unity CLI gets released there will be two graphical releases that will be announced. One will be the reintroduction of Synergy Linux as a LxQT based distribution. The other will be a graphical version based on Enlightenment that I will be helping with.

Unity Linux now has a mirror site set up as well at, we are also hosting out test isos, and rpms on there as well.It's synced more then once dailing as some of or other mirrors are only synced once a day.

Until the next update or news posting stay safe!

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Published on  July 29th, 2017