Monthly update - Wayland/Weston

Hello all,
            Just wanted to give you an update of the current status of things.

As you may already know we have a working base. We are using MUSL-Libc, YUM, RPM5, and OpenRC. These things separate us from the fold. For the most part they are all working together. I get a memory leak message from RPM5 from time to time and there's various other bugs, but for the most part it works.

Last week we were releasing Test ISOs. I was able to create a LiveCD init system based off my previous work and was able to get things to boot and run. I even did some work on porting over some CLI based setup scripts from Alpine Linux and got things to install after some configuration tweaks. My first Test ISOs had EVERY package on them. So if someone wanted to build, or fix something they saw wrong they could. I then released a smaller 90M release with just some core packages.

I then went on to work on getting some mirrors and setting up a mirmon page and trying to do such in the cleanest way possible for OpenMandriva. I am not sure how well it turned out, but they now have their own folder on iBiblio and we have ours.

The last few days I have been working on Xorg & Wayland/Weston packages. Wayland and Weston have come first for the simple fact they are easier to pull in and can be compiled to run with minimal (or no) Xorg dependencies. I wanted to play with Wayland and see if I could get some type of graphical interface up and running. Rather large strides have gone into getting the Big Desktop Environments to work with Wayland. Gnome 3.18 is said to work really well and KDE/Plasma 5.4 is said to have some support (though limited to one platform?) with Wayland. There's other environments that are embracing Wayland, Hawaii Desktop is an interesting one, Moonlight, and the most interesting Enlightenment 20. So my investment in getting familiar with Wayland and maybe getting something to work, I don't feel will be wasted.

In the next few days I am going to move further into improving our makelive script (mklivecd esq script) and build some more all package ISOs, so I can play with the changes the new packages have brought and see if I can get anything graphical going. If I do get something graphical going, as minmal as it might be, I will most likely create a lighter ISO to play with.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. On IRC or Our Google Groups Page

Kind regards

JMiahMan (JMiahMan [at]

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Published on  July 29th, 2017