Long time no news, but there was work..

Maybe I need to update this more often.. maybe I don't. I don't know of to many people that are reading this or that might really even care about this little pet project, but it's here and it's moving forward. 

Yesterday I was able to get a bootable ISO up and running, at least on VirtualBox and Qemu. The live init script and makelive script, are based off my previous work on Synergy when I repackaged most of Fedora 16 and ported over the Chakra installer. That was a long time ago. So there has been quite a few tweaks that have had to happen to get things going. I thought the inclusion of overlayfs into Kernel 3.18 was going to make my life easier as I could drop specialized kernel builds for aufs. If you don't know what I am talking about then I will try and make it simple, overlayfs, aufs also unionfs allow you to create a writable ram disk and merge or overlay that with something that is not writable, ie. a mounted squashfs image to make the system writable (at least to ram). It was once said overlay file systems had no place in the kernel, though soon after they did include one but the better aufs (in my opinion) was left out. Enter 3.18 and a more advanced system call overlayfs is included. It's a litte conveluted and been a bit tricky for me to figure out, but it seems I have gotten it to work, though I will most likey do some more tweaking.

At this point in time the LiveISO is still somewhat crippled, as CA-Certs are broken and various things are missing. However, every development package (every package for that matter) Unity has is included on the ISO. You can build rpms on it if you so wish and know how to set the ram size in the boot params (more on that in a later post). You can also bring up the network (tested on a VM with e1000 module).

This ISO, though not impressive marks the ground work for a working MUSL Based RPM Distribution that is using YUM. I don't think one such distribution exists and we might be the first. That's pretty neat to me.

Find the ISO (though very much unfinished) Here: 

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Published on  July 29th, 2017