Are you a Network Manager?

Someone reminded me of this so I decided to post it. If you're one of the many few (haha) who are trying out the ISO I would like to point out this is a developer release. If you're not a developer by all means feel free to download and try it.. I'm not a RTFM type of guy, but I just want to save you the frustration up front of everything being done for you.. like Network Management.

For now I don't have a Network Manager included. Something that will detect your network interface bring it up and grab an IP.. you have to be the Network Manager.. Yes you.. go look in the mirror and say "I am the network manager". If all went well on boot and your network card was found to have a driver.. it should be loaded so now do this Mr. (or Mrs.) Network Manager in the command line:

ifconfig eth0 up

now press enter and do a:


you should see information now for eth0 (yay!). However there's no IP.. Sad.. let's get one by doing

udhcpc eth0

and now eth0 should be assigned whatever IP your network gave it. At this point you can do any number of things with wget.. and maybe install the one package that isn't already installed.. and that's really it for now, but hey it works (or should)! If you have any questions check out the IRC link. Thanks

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Published on  July 29th, 2017