A Storm is a brewin'

I alluded to this post in the last post... 

Things are progressing (I'm a broken record with this statment), I have changed some init and boot settings to reflect our true boot opions. So any any ISO releases before 44 (I think) will be more complex in these areas then they need to be.  There's now a very short string (4) of currently used boot options when you press "TAB" on the boot menu.

The one to really pay attention to is ramdisk_size=. This defines the size of the ramdisk for the livecd/usb session. Some machines have quite a bit of ram so you can make your ram disk quite large and still have a decent amount left over for actual ram use and not disk use. I think 512M is a happy middle ground. If you're like me though and still have a few machines laying around with 512M or less you may want to bring that ram disk down to 256000 (or loosely 256M). So basically this option allows you to tweak the ramdisk size as a measn to get the best performance for a particular system running live.

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Published on  July 29th, 2017