The Source

The source code the Unity-Linux can be found on git. Pretty much every script that is used to create Unity is included on github. The structure is as follows. Any thing in the seed directory has to do with scripts to generate, build, or boot Unity Linux. Many of these scripts are a work in progress and have not grown to be their own package, or are not needed to be included in a package, for whatever reason. 

Anything in base/packages is supposed to be system critical or base system packages. I say packages somewhat loosely because within the program folder is included the spec file and patches to create an rpm package. The actualy source to the programs themselves are pulled from the web at build time and we do not store them locally on git. You can find the programs website and a link to the programs source from within the program_name.spec file nestled in the base/package directory.


The Binaries

From the source we build the rpms, or packages needed for a working system and generate an ISO. ISOs are currently a Work in Progress. Any ISOs found on this site for the forseeable future should be and will be consider Pre-Alpha quality. Meaning it may hurt things, maybe even your feelings. Please test this on a VM environment or on a drive/machine you don't mind formatting a lot. Also the packages and or ideas expressed with these ISOs are still very much a Work in Progress (WIP) and are always subject to change.

RPM Repository:

ISO folder (Not fully functional ISOs)

Travis-CI Builds


All software provided on this site are being offered for FREE in hopes that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Use at your OWN RISK AND WE DISCLAIM LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ITS USE.


Published on  July 29th, 2017